No set location regarding your information provisioning for employees and customers, no consistent storage place for documents, many attachments in your email traffic, multiple versions of documents within the organisation and no easy and quick access to your corporate network for externals?

One set location for your information provisioning, storage of documents and the possibility to share information inside and outside your organisation in a secure way. This can all be realised with Microsoft SharePoint!

Microsoft SharePoint offers very many opportunities, such as an intra and extranet for the information provisioning of employees and customers, the creation of team sites, management and storage of documentation, always access to the latest versions of documents, collaboration and sharing with contacts inside and outside the organisation.


The most important advantages of Microsoft SharePoint:

  • Microsoft SharePoint can be bought in the Cloud, as an independent product or as a component of the Microsoft Office 365 suite wherewith you can also access Microsoft Exchange, Lync, the Office clients and Web apps.
  • Available on various devices via the mobile SharePoint apps, wherever you will go.
  • Easy management of capacity, policy and security for all content and functionalities in SharePoint via the powerful admin console.
  • The latest available functionalities and a minimal downtime by automated management of the servers.
  • Data protection by subsuming these in geographically dispersed data centres, with continuous back-ups, superior disaster recovery and a team of expert which check the servers around the clock.
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