‘The professionals provide a solution which meets your need’



Flexibility is more important than ever before for organisations, as well a flexible workforce. Has your organisation a need for continuity in business operations, innovation and renewal, or temporary high-quality knowledge for a short or fixed period of time? offers professionals, on interim basis, which are specialised in infrastructural IT and Cloud expertise for all sectors. All our professionals have been carefully screened and selected on knowledge and (social) skills. Besides, we yearly invest in education and training of all our employees, so you can be sure you have the best certified professionals to your disposal.

Whether it is for filling up a few hours per week/month or a fulltime job for +3 months, the professionals provide a solution which meets your need.

Areas of expertise from our professionals:

  • Change Management
  • Cloud Management and Support
  • Cloud Migration
  • Experience Management
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Google Sites
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online

Local for Local

Our regional approach (working close to your home) is motivated out of practical considerations. In this way we can somewhat alleviate traffic congestions. The professionals arrive less tired at work, they are more motivated and fit, which influences the productivity in a positive way.

Matching Process
We do everything to make sure we select the right professional for a project. By listening carefully to the wishes and demands of our clients. By carefully performing a pre-selection before proposing you a candidate. By following a structured intake procedure. But as well by keeping intensive contact with our professional and the client during the project. In that way we assure the quality of our services.

However price should never be the ultimate issue in our philosophy, it is a comforting thought to get value for money as a client. Because of the regional cell structure with central organised staff services, we have the availability of an efficient overhead, which enables us to offer our services against interesting rates.

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