Google Apps for Business

‘Easier and more efficient collaboration’



Always and anywhere access to your corporate network via the internet; Google Apps for Business is the perfect solution for this! Google Apps for Business gives everyone within the organisation access to Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites and Hangout.

By means of Google Apps for Business collaborating and communicating with each other in a simple way via the device of your own choice; the only thing necessary is a browser. Access to email, sharing calendars, work together in documents, share information and easy creation of project sites.

The most important advantages of Google Apps for Business

  • All users work with exact the same software and have direct access to the newest updates.
  • No complicated login procedures for working at home anymore. With an internet connection users are always able to access their email, calendar and documents.
  • Easy to use on almost every smartphone. Even push email for iPhones or Blackberries is possible, without Exchange or Blackberry servers.
  • No costs for hardware, data centres and maintenance anymore.
  • Data will never be lost in case of faulty hardware.
  • Google Apps for Education is completely complementary for educational institutions.
  • Users can choose their own email program, such as for example Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple mail or a browser of their own choice.
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